Build Green with Butler Buildings

By September 25, 2015 July 26th, 2019 No Comments

Taking actions today that won’t inhibit the opportunities of future generations. That’s the essence of sustainability – and the reason why more and more people are building green.

Because buildings account for such a significant amount of the energy consumed in the world, choosing materials and designs with sustainability benefits provides one of the biggest opportunities to be environmentally conscious.

BBS Construction is your Ottawa and surrounding area authorized Butler dealer, and at Butler Manufacturing, they combine green technologies and practices with systems construction efficiencies to make sustainable building more affordable than ever. The fact is, providing more building efficiency for the cost has always been a point of difference for Butler.

Here are just few ways Butler Manufacturing is doing that: • Products that Reduce Material Use- All Butler projects optimize the amount of steel used to meet exact design specifications. • Salvaged/Recycled Products- Butler building systems contain up to 74% recycled steel. • Reusable or Recyclable Materials- Butler® steel buildings can be disassembled, relocated and reused, making them adaptable to different end uses and extending their usable life. • Lifecycle- Butler buildings require minimal maintenance to last much longer than their intended warranties. In fact, the MR-24 roof system has a proven in-place performance of over 40 years.

For more information, and info on LEED and Butler Buildings visit their website