BBS Project @

The Former Ottawa Athletic Club Building

The Building at 2525 Lancaster Rd in Ottawa

was originally completed in 1975, and was constructed by Admiral Construction

with BBS’ founder and President Frits Bosman leading the design build team.

The original building seen above in what looks to be a true Ottawa winter, was the largest indoor athletic facility of it’s kind at the time.

BBS’ new renovation project included a new roof for 100,000 ft2 of Butler’s MR-24 roof panels, over the existing 45 year old Steelox Roof

The Existing Conditions @45 years life cycle:

The new Roof in 2020:

The center portion between (2) sloped roofs, was in need of a “clean-up” which was included in part of BBS’ scope of work.

The portion below the center roof housed the original squash courts and was supported on concrete block masonry, which now is open warehouse space.

The space below the 2 buildings, now fully reframed with steel and turned open space for new warehouse use.

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