Total Cost of Ownership

By April 4, 2016 July 26th, 2019 No Comments

Predict total cost of ownership with exclusive SmartView™ Energy-modeling technology available through a Butler Builder®. Wait a minute, that would be us, BBS Construction!

Your construction budget accounts for only 10 percent of your building’s overall lifetime costs. That means 90 percent of your total building cost is incurred during operation – lighting, heating, cooling and general maintenance. By considering the impact of operating costs before construction, BBS can help you make smart choices that pay off over the life of the building.

Now you can ensure the best return on your investment when building a new facility — with the new SmartView™ technology from Butler Manufacturing™.

SmartView analyzes alternate building designs, allowing you to compare options and make more informed decisions. For the first time, you can see total cost of ownership differences for the full building envelope. So you can make the investment today that will pay off each year of your building’s life span.

SmartView makes energy modeling accessible — by drastically reducing the amount of time and input data required. It can run three models simultaneously, demonstrating how different building assemblies will affect long-term costs.

A customized SmartView report is only available through a Butler Builder®. Let BBS Construction your local Butler Builder discuss your building needs with you to establish building specifications — including location, square footage and end use — which all factor into a predictable calculation of your total cost of ownership for the lifetime of your building.

Make the right investment — one that pays off both today and tomorrow. Contact BBS for your customized SmartView report.